About Us

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my story of Virgo Seven! I’m not sure if many of you know this but V7 is still a small boutique brand powered all by myself! 

 I’m Rachael and I created Virgo Seven in spring of 2014, back then it was under the name Naked Boutique.

I was 25 working in retail and to be quite honest I HATED it! I was feeling pressure, stress  and unworthiness from a job that was only paying me minimum wage, I was unfulfilled and I’d lost the passion for retail, which is funny as I’ve ended up with my own retail brand! 

I had done my GCSE’s, college then on to uni to study Media no less and I felt like I was failing at being an adult! In my last few months of uni I had decided I wanted to be a stylist for a magazine, something I was highly passionate about! I loved fashion, buying on trend pieces, reading about the latest style in magazines ( these were the days just before Instagram) so at every opportunity I took time off to go be a “workie” at Heat, Closer, Reveal magazine, however every time I went I was bombarded with “you’ll need to do at least a years worth of unpaid interning before you’ll even be considered for a paid job” I was shocked, I didn’t think it would be that difficult.
So in the end I weighed up my options, work for free full time at a magazine for at least a year, work a paid job around these full time hours, probably have no life, have limited income and basically be tired until I made it with a proper paid job, which wasn’t guaranteed in anyway, so in short I gave up on that idea, which made me sad as all my friends around me where starting to get “real” jobs in the field they wanted, I was feeling pretty deflated. 
So I stuck at it in retail, eventually gaining the role of concession manager. One day one of my work colleagues another concession manager for a different brand decided to start her own side hustle, and I was jealous! Very jealous! The more I heard about it the more I wanted my own side hustle, something that would get me out of the hell that was retail and all the stresses that came with it… But what? I knew it had to be fashion related or I’d get bored pretty quickly, I looked in to selling clothing online, however I had no disposable income to buy lots of stock, then one day my friend (who had her side hustle) said “you should print slogan t-shirts, you're so funny and you come out with some hilarious things” 
She was making dog bandanas and had started printing doggy names on them, so with a spare £20 in my bank account and a little bit of research I found a t-shirt supplier, I went to the same place she did and purchased some vinyl, we then went to her house and I printed my first slogan t-shirt “No Boyfriend No Problems” I was ecstatic and I knew this was it! 
Over the last 5 years the brand has gone through a name change, I wanted it to be more personal to me as the business is an extension of myself, I have had the chance to collaborate with some amazing people, bloggers, celebrities and have two collaborations with Nicola McLean, be featured in magazines and on the tv! I still do a little jig when someone places an order! I  am awe struck when people see what I do and love it as much as I do! 
I want the women that wear my items to feel empowered and confident, this is so important to me especially in 2019! 
So here I am the woman behind the brand!